Hôpital de La Providence

Dr. med. Pélagie Talla-Kambale

FMH Specialist in General Surgery

Areas of specialisation (2)
Further accreditations (1)
  • Clinique Montbrillant

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Hospital (2)
Hôpital de la Providence
Faubourg de l’Hôpital 81
2000 Neuchâtel

Work Experience

General surgery :

  • Wall affections (hernias, ventrations)
  • Minimally invasive visceral surgery (bladders)
  • Varicose veins


Management and, if necessary, surgical treatment of a wide range of proctological and perineal pathologies, such as :

  • Haemorrhoidal disease
  • External haemorrhoidal thrombosis
  • Anal pruritus
  • Perianal suppurations: abscesses, fistulas
  • Verneuil's disease
  • Crohn's disease with perineal lesions
  • Anal fissure
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, particularly anal condyloma
  • Anal dysplasia / Anal tumour
  • Chronic constipation
  • Anal incontinence
  • Pelvic statics disorders: Rectocele / Rectal prolapse
  • Sacrococcygeal cyst or pilonidal sinus
  • Chronic ano-perineal pain

Suggested tests:

  • Anoscopy
  • Rectoscopy
  • Endoanal ultrasound
  • High resolution anoscopy
  • Anorectal manometry

Professional experience

  • Since October 2016: accreditation at Hôpital da la Providence as a surgeon specialising in proctology
  • Head of surgery, responsible for proctology, Hôpital cantonal de Fribourg
  • 2014 -2015: Assistant Regist rar, Visceral Surgery Department, Hôpital Riviera and CHUV
  • 2012 -2014 : Assistant Registrar, Department of Surgery (General Surgery and Traumatology), Hôpital Chablais-Riviera
  • Training in general surgery: Assistant doctor: Hôpital Riviera Montreux two years, Hôpital cantonal de Fribourg one and a half years, CHUV one and a half years
  • 2005- 2007 : Training in general surgery in Belgium (Hôpital d'Ixelles). Position: assistant doctor
  • General medicine in a missionary hospital (St Vincent de Paul) in Cameroon. Experience in tropical medicine.


1995 Diplôme d'Etat en sciences option chimie-biologie au lycée Amani, Goma/RD.Congo
2003 Diplôme de docteur en médecine, Université de Lubumbashi /Congo
2011 Equivalence of Swiss federal diploma in medicine
2014 Diplôme FMH Chirurgie générale
2016 Interuniversity diploma in proctology, Université de Grenoble, France

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