Homeopathy assumes that the human organism communicates through symptoms that its healthy balance is disturbed.

What is homeopathy?

Classical homeopathy was founded as a healing method by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It assumes that the human organism communicates through symptoms that its healthy balance is disturbed. In the maintenance of this healthy, symptom-free equilibrium, these communications are also an active performance of the organism.

At the beginning of homeopathic treatment, especially in chronic cases, there is a meticulous recording (in addition to the traditional examination of the patient, including laboratory, etc.) of this entire individual symptomatology with all peculiarities, mind and spirit symptoms of the patient as well as the modalities, i.e. the individual reaction characteristics (for example temperature or moon phase sensitivity). This results in a unique picture of this patient, which is to be understood as communication, of the disorder affecting the entire patient.

This picture is compared with the collection of known and described drug pictures mentioned in the Materia Medica, whereupon the most similar one is chosen and prescribed to the patient in an appropriate form. This is especially important if the patient is dependent on taking traditional medicines. So, in the case of chronic pain, it is a part of an overall picture of the patient, which is why there is no homeopathic medicine for pain, but at best a homeopathic medicine for a patient with a pain problem.

What is treated?

Homeopathy became known in the 19th century through its successes with serious infectious diseases such as typhoid and cholera (antibiotics did not exist at that time). Because homeopathy stimulates the patient's self-healing powers, a wide range of diseases and ailments can be treated with homeopathy.

The advantages of homeopathy are mainly in chronic or recurring, but also acute diseases such as

  • Skin diseases
  • allergies
  • acute bacterial or viral infections
  • menstrual cramps
  • migraine, chronic pain conditions
  • chronic susceptibility to infections
  • psychosomatic disorders

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