Rehabilitation back pain

Most back pain is harmless and disappears within a few weeks. However, chronic back pain can occur, permanently affecting the quality of life and stopping the patient from performing activities.

Outpatient programme

Clinique Valmont has developed an outpatient programme specifically designed to treat back pain.

The aim of the programme is to treat this chronic pain and to improve the patient's quality of life. The patient should regain confidence in their abilities and potential kinesiophobia, the fear of movement, should be minimised.

This outpatient programme is based on three therapies: Occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychological support. Patients are referred to this programme and is aimed at anyone who suffers from back pain and is affected in their daily lives.



Physiotherapy is used to assess the causes of the pain and treat it with various therapies. The aim is to strengthen the patient's back with the help of movement and thus counteract the pain. The patient's movement patterns are analysed and exercises are performed to help mobilise the back through specific movements.

Occupational therapy

The team of occupational therapists helps patients find ways to cope with back pain in everyday life through specific exercises and movement patterns.

Occupational therapy is a treatment that enables patients to stay active and moving. It is about finding the right movements, but also posture so that patients can move at any time without pain. The goal is for the patient to stay active and move more.

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