Rehabilitation after a knee prosthesis

Rehabilitation is very important after a knee prosthesis because it takes a few months to get used to the knee prosthesis. Rehabilitation supports the healing process and involves exercises to improve the mobility of the joint, as well as exercises to help you cope with everyday life with the knee prosthesis.


During physiotherapy, exercises are used to help the patient regain mobility and build up their muscles. This enables the patient to build up a correct gait pattern and to move without pain or problems.

Occupational therapy

In occupational therapy, the patient learns how to use aids correctly after their operation and how to protect their new joint.

The occupational therapist is also available to help with all aspects of integration into everyday life. In addition to the aids, advice on suitable home access and furniture is also covered.


How long does recovery take after an artificial knee joint?

The hospital stay lasts five to seven days. Rehabilitation can then be performed on an outpatient basis or in a rehabilitation centre. While a rehabilitation stay lasts two weeks on average, outpatient rehabilitation depends on the development of the individual patient and the surgeon's instructions.

When can you resume sporting activities after an artificial knee joint?

The resumption of sporting activities can be gradual in the months following the operation. The important thing is that the swelling in your knee has gone and you are no longer in pain. However, you should continue to avoid sports that involve direct physical contact (e.g., football, karate, etc.).

When can I drive again after a knee prosthesis?

To be able to drive again, you must be able to walk under "full load". This means that you have to put all your weight on the operated knee without difficulty. This usually takes four to six weeks after the operation.

How can I regain knee flexion?

To regain knee flexion, it is important that you properly follow your physiotherapy and carry out the exercises recommended by your therapist at home.

Which movements should I try to avoid with a knee prosthesis?

You do not need to avoid any movements after having a knee prosthesis fitted. You just have to respect the limits of your joints.

Why does my knee prosthesis crack?

Most of the time, it is an audible cracking sound produced by the prosthesis parts and is completely painless. It is usually due to the patella button. When inserting the prosthesis, a very small joint space is left. Due to the more pronounced joint effusion in the first few weeks, the noise is louder at the beginning. If it does not subside, please consult your doctor to prevent complications.

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