Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic surgery

In reconstructive surgery, improving the aesthetic appearance of the parts of the body the surgeon operates on is an important yet secondary aim. Conversely, in cosmetic surgery, improving the appearance and attractiveness of the face and body is the priority. The job of an aesthetic surgeon is to correct aesthetic faults of varying degrees that can impact the self-confidence or psychophysical well-being of the patient; this in turn has a significant influence on the quality of their interpersonal relationships. Some of the imperfections that aesthetic surgeons most commonly operate on are unwanted signs of ageing (mainly around the face). Face lifts are therefore one of the most widespread procedures, as well as breast augmentation or reduction, liposuction, rhinoplasty procedures (improving the aesthetic appearance of the nose) or otoplasty procedures (correction of ears which stick out or have other imperfections). The ultimate goal is to achieve or restore a harmony of forms that is aesthetically pleasing and as natural as possible.

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