Privatklinik Obach

Dr. med. Ewen A. Cameron

Orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system

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Obachstrasse 23‎
4500 Solothurn


  • SGOT (Swiss Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology); new: Swiss Orthopaedics
  • FMH (Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum)
  • GaeSO (Society of Physicians of the Canton of Solothurn)
  • Solothurn Medical Society
  • SGSM (Swiss Society for Sports Medicine)
  • AO Alumni

Work Experience

since 2001

Own practice in Solothurn, first with Dr Bamert, since 2010 with Dr P. v. Stokar. Attending physician at the Obach Private Clinic and Lindenhofspital Bern.

1997 - 2000

Senior physician at Bürgerspital Solothurn with temporary CA deputation.

1996 - 1997

Senior physician at the Rennbahnklinik Muttenz


Orthopaedic specialisations

  • Sports traumatology
  • Knee and hip surgery without hip arthroscopy



  • GL Member of the Obach Private Clinic
  • President of the Medical Board of Privatklinik Obach
  • Member of the "Groupe de Coordination Médicale" (Swiss Medical Group)
  • President of the Swiss Swimming Association
  • Member of the Board of the LEN (European Swimming Federation)
  • Member of the National Federations Relations Committee of the International Swimming Federation (FINA)

Further training and qualifications

  • American state examination (ECFMG)
  • Additional title in sports medicine SGSM
  • Bronze trainer diploma from the Swiss Swimming Federation
  • Basic course in manual medicine (SAMM)


1994 - 1996

Stays abroad in Melbourne and Adelaide with fellowship and OA position


Obtained the specialist title "Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology"

1986 - 1994

Further training in Magglingen, Biel and Basel


Doctorate with sports physiology dissertation: "Conconi test for swimmers - A new way to evaluate performance capacity and to plan training".


State examination at the University of Basel

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