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Dr. med. Michel Forni

FMH specialist in internal medicine and medical oncology
Former senior consultant at the Carouge Clinic

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Générale-Beaulieu Swiss Oncology Network
Chemin de Beau-Soleil 20
1206 Genève



FMH specialist in oncology


European Diploma in Medical Oncology ESMO


Post-graduate training leading to a doctorate in medicine

1979 - 1980

Training in the Division of Infectious Diseases in Geneva (Professor F. Waldvogel).


Federal diploma in medicine (Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva)

Work Experience

1993 - 2019

Specialist in oncology and internal medicine, Clinique de Carouge.

1993 - 2003

Set up in private practice as an oncologist and internal medicine specialist (with the title of "médecin répondant"), Clinique de
Carouge clinic.

1982 - 1992

Assistant doctor in the Department of Gynaecology, responsible for the Oncogynaecology Section (Professor W. Hermann and Professor F. Krauer)

1980 - 1982

Head of Clinic, Clinique Médicale de Genève (Professor A.-F. Muller)


  • Member of the Geneva Breast Cancer Screening Federation (representative on the State Council)
  • Chairman of a private foundation (for the fight against cancer and for medical-biological research in Geneva).
  • Honorary Chairman of the Geneva Breast Cancer Network "Savoir patient" (founding member)
  • Member of the Geneva Federation for Colon Cancer Screening


A specialist in medical oncology, general internal medicine and infectious diseases, Dr Michel Forni joined the team at the Centre médico-chirurgical et Centre d'oncologie des Eaux-Vives on 6 June 2019. He specialises in gynaecological and breast cancers.

Dr Michel Fourni is a former senior physician at the Clinique de Carouge, and is also coordinator of the CERN clinical application research programme in the Department of Surgery at the HUG.

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