Privatklinik Bethanien

Dr. med. Manuel Haag

Specialist in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system

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Functiomed GmbH
Langgrütstrasse 112
8047 Zürich



Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery


Licence to practice medicine

1996 - 2003

Studied human medicine, LMU Munich

Work Experience

since 2019

Orthopaedic surgeon at Functiomed specialising in shoulder, knee sports traumatology and minimally invasive joint surgery, Zurich

2018 - 2019

Own practice at the Centre for Orthopaedics and Sport, Zurich


Surgeon at the certified endoprosthesis centre at Bethesda Hospital, Stuttgart Germany (Dr. I. Lorenz)

2013 - 2017

Part-time specialist with senior consultant function at Bethesda Hospital, Stuttgart Germany (Dr I. Lorenz)

2012 - 2017

Founding partner and main surgeon at GelenkCentrum30, specialised clinic for minimally invasive joint surgery Fellbach - Germany

2010 - 2012

Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon, Clinique d'Eich, Luxembourg (Prof. D. Pape & Prof. R. Seil)

2009 - 2010

Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery Resident, CHL & Clinique d'Eich, Luxembourg (Prof. T. Gerich, Prof. D. Pape & Prof. R. Seil)

2008 - 2009

Resident in Trauma Surgery, Henriettenstiftung Hannover Germany (Prof B. Lobenhoffer & Dr J. Agneskirchner)


Resident in Orthopaedics, Heilig-Geist-Spital, Ravensburg Germany (Dr H. Frick)

2006 - 2007

Fellowship in Shoulder Surgery, ALPS Surgery Institute, Annecy - France (Dr L. Lafosse, Dr B. Toussant & Dr L. Delaunay)

2005 - 2006

Surgery Resident, Lachen Hospital and Etzelclinic, Switzerland (Dr J. Knaus, Dr J. Leuzinger & Dr M. Borsky)

2003 - 2005

Resident in orthopaedics, Munich Bogenhausen Hospital, Germany (Dr L. Seebauer)

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