Clinique Générale Ste-Anne

Dr. med. Nicolas Mariotti

Anaesthesiology FMH

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Centre Médical de la Gare
Rue de la Lécheretta 4
1630 Bulle

Work Experience

since 2018

Centre Médical de la Gare, Bulle. Multimodal pain treatment and neuromodulation.

  • Medical director
2014 - 2018

Pain Treatment Centre, Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Department, HFR Fribourg - Cantonal Hospital, Fribourg

  • Deputy Chief Physician
  • Head of Centre
2012 - 2016

Interventional pain management - CHUV

  • Fellowship (2012-2013 - 100%)
  • Registered physician (2013-2014 - 50%)
  • Registered physician (2014-2016 - 20%)
2009 - 2016

Anesthesiology - HFR cantonal Hospital Fribourg

  • Head of Clinic (2009-2011 - 50%)
  • first Head of Clinic (2011-2011 - 50%)
  • Deputy physician (2012-2014 - 50%)
  • Deputy physician (2014-2014 - 80%)
  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer (2015-2016 - 80%)
  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer (2016-2018 - 100%)
2009 - 2012

Anesthesiology - HFR Site Riaz

  • Deputy physician (50%)
2007 - 2009

Fundamental Neurosciences - University Medical center in Geneva

  • Head of Clinic (50%)
2003 - 2009

Anesthesiology - University Hospitals of Geneva

  • Internist (2003-2007)
  • Head of clinic (2007-2009 - 50%)
2001 - 2003

Anesthesiology - Hospital Sion-Hérens-Conthey

  • Internist
2000 - 2001

Intensive surgical care - University Hospitals of Geneva

  • Internist
1999 - 2000

Internal medicine - Hospital de Sierre-Loèche

  • Internist
1998 - 1999

General surgery - Hospital de Sierre-Loèche

  • Internist


  • Secretary: Swiss Neuromodulation Society (SNS) (secretary) 
  • Committee member: Swiss Society for the Study of Pain (SSED)
  • Member of the Board: Fédération des Médecins Suisses (FMH), Société de médecine du canton de Fribourg (SMCF), Société Suisse d'Anesthésiologie et de Réanimation (SSAR), European Society of Anesthesiology (ESA), European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy (ESRA), Swiss Association of Regional Anesthesia (SARA), International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), Swiss Society of Interventional Pain Management (SSIPM), International Neuromodulation Society (INS), World Institute of Pain (WIP)


  • N. Mariotti et Ch Perruchoud, Les douleurs cancéreurse, in Manuel pratique d'algologie, Prise en charge des douleurs chroniques, Ch Perruchoud et al, Ed Elsevier Masson, 2017
  • L. Clivaz Mariotti et N. Mariotti, Hypnose et douleurs chroniques, in Manuel pratique d'algologie, Prise en charge des douleurs chroniques, Ch Perruchoud et al, Ed Elsevier Masson, 2017
  • C. Perruchoud, N. Mariotti, Spinal cord stimulation for the management of chronic pain: Med Rev Switzerland 2016; 12: 1234-7
  • N. Mariotti, MA. Morales, G Haller, An uncommon cause of dyspnea during pregnancy: Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Briol. 2010 Feb; 148(2):203-4
  • P. Merlani, C. Chenaud, N. Mariotti, B. Ricou, Long-term outcome of elderly patients requiring intensive care admission for abdominal pathologies: survival and quality of life, Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, may 2017; 51(5): 530-7


  • Pre-graduate teaching (AMC) at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva (20h/year)
  • Post-graduate teaching in the "Ensemble" group (Crew-Resource Management) (10h/year)
  • Continuing education seminars in the Department of Anaesthesiology
  • Training courses for resident doctors
  • Teaching at the patient's bedside
  • CVC insertion without complications" workshop trainer Aesculap Academy
  • EPD-ES teaching in anaesthesia, intensive care, continuing care and emergency departments
  • Teaching at Master's level, Faculty of Psychology, University of Fribourg
  • Teaching ultrasound for interventional pain management SSIPM


  • global care for patients suffering from persistent pain: from initial assessment to specialised treatments using ultrasound- or radioscopically-guided infiltrations (in particular perineural blocks, sympathetic nervous system blocks, epidural, intrathecal and periradicular infiltrations), multimodal drug treatments, advanced neuromodulation techniques (spinal neurostimulation, intrathecal pump) and medical hypnosis.
  • Gynaeco-obstetric anaesthesiology, loco-regional anaesthesia including ultrasound-guided anaesthesia and interventional pain management.

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