Clinica Ars Medica

Dr. med. Jean-Claude Sedran

Further accreditations (2)
  • Ars Medica Centro Medico
  • Centro dello Sport Ars Medica

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Ars Medica Centro Medico
Via Cantonale 38
6828 Manno

Work Experience




Recognition of Italian qualifications (Laurea, State Examination and Specialization in Orthopaedics and Traumatology) in Switzerland by FMH


Specialty in Orthopedics and Traumatology obtained at the University Clinic of Ferrara.


Professional licensing examination taken at the University of Ferrara.


Degree in Medicine from the University of Ferrara with a grade of 105/110 discussing the thesis " An incremental walking test to determine pain threshold in subjects with claudication intermittens. Spserimental results of a rehabilitation protocol performed at walking speed below the pain threshold."


Science Maturity


Registered with the Provincial Order of Physicians-Surgeons and Dentists of Ferrara from February 1999 to December 2001.
Registered with the Provincial Order of Physicians-Surgeons and Dentists of Pordenone since December 20, 2001 (No. 1687).
Member of the FMH (Federation Medicin Helvetiq ue) since 2008.
Member of the Medical Association of Ticino (Switzerland) since 2008.
Licensed to practice in Ticino since 2008
ESSKA member since 2010

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