Clinica Ars Medica

Dr. med. Ivan Tami

Specialist in Surgery of the Hand and in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology of the Locomotor System, FMH member


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Hospital (1)

Centro manoegomito c/o Clinica Ars Medica
Via Grumo 16
6929 Gravesano


2009 European Diploma in Hand Surgery (FESSH)
2007 FMH specialist title in hand surgery
2006 Doctorate in Medicine, University of Bern
2004 FMH specialist title in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the locomotor system
1998 Federal Diploma in Medicine, University of Zurich 


Professional memberships
Swiss Medical Association (FMH)
Società Svizzera di Ortopedia e Traumatologia (swiss orthopaedics)
Società Svizzera di Chirurgia della Mano (SSCM – SGH) (Member Directory Board)
Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH)
International Wrist Arthroscopy Society (IWAS)
Deutschsprachige Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Arthroskopie (AGA)
International Society for Sport and Traumatology of the Hand (ISSPORTH)
Schweizerische Belegärzte Vereinigung (SVB – ASMI)
Società Ortopedica Ticinese (SOTi) (Member Directory Board)
Ordine dei Medici del Canton Ticino (OMCT)
Circolo Medico Lugano (CML)
Mendrisio Medical Meeting (Member Scientific Committee)


Work Experience

since 2018

Member of the Board Swiss Medical Network Hospitals SA e GSMN Suisse SA

since 2013

Medical advisor at Centro Medico in Chiasso, Lugano, Bellinzona, Faido and Locarno

since 2010

Founder of the Centro manoegomito (CMG) at Clinica Ars Medica - Swiss Medical Network, Gravesano

2015 - 2018

Member of the Board GSMN Ticino SA

2010 - 2011

Attending physician at Schulthess Clinic, Zurich (Hand and elbow surgery ward)

2005 - 2010

Attending physician at University Hospital, Zurich (Division of plastic surgery and hand surgery)

2004 - 2005

Senior physician at Schulthess Clinic, Zurich (Hand and elbow surgery ward)

2002 - 2003

Resident physician at Schulthess Clinic, Zurich (Orthopaedic surgery and traumatology ward)


Scientific research at Laboratorium für experimentelle chirugie, AO Forschungszentrum, Davos

1999 - 2000

Resident physician at Regional Hospital, Interlaken (General surgery, traumatology and orthopaedic ward)


Medical conference

Ortho Day 2024

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