Welcome to our clinics and hospitals

We can accommodate you in one of our 21 hospitals and clinics, located in 15 cantons across all language regions. We strive to provide inpatients and outpatients with personalised care in all areas of specialisation.

We welcome Swiss patients with all types of insurance (depending on the clinic and services), both semi-private and private, as well as international patients.

Schickstrasse 11
8400 Winterthur

Leopoldstrasse 5
4500 Solothurn

Worbstrasse 316
3073 Gümligen

Güterstrasse 21/23
8640 Rapperswil

Hirschgässlein 11-15
4010 Basel

Via Grumo 16
6929 Gravesano

Via Sant'Anna 1
6924 Sorengo

Bellerivestrasse 34
8034 Zürich

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