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When patients are not well, the nearest specialist should not be far away. That is why our network of more than 29 medical centres covers the whole of Switzerland. 

These centres offer community-based medicine and are often the only medical point of contact in the region. They thus make an important contribution to the health of the local population, and of course also for tourists and hotel guests.

In addition, they are urgently needed training centres for the next generation of doctors and nurses, especially against the background of the shortage of skilled workers.

Our mission:

The goal of the medical centres: to offer patients comprehensive treatment of high quality in close proximity. In doing so, they benefit from the network and from a multidisciplinary collegium that enables interdisciplinary treatment. For example, doctors from gynaecology, paediatrics or internal medicine are in the same place and can thus benefit from each other's expertise.

Advantages of the medical centre:

Patients can usually be treated individually and promptly throughout their lives.

The centre is the hub for all their health concerns and can also cooperate with hospitals, Spitex or other health facilities if necessary. In this way, the Swiss Medical Network centres follow the concept of «integrated care».

Patients benefit from a well-interlocked, coordinated cooperation between doctors, health insurers and nursing staff as well as inpatient and outpatient services. 

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