MindMotion™ GO

Created by MindMaze, a company based in Lausanne, MindMotion GO is an innovative device that offers fun, game-based digital therapy to help physical and cognitive rehabilitation. MindMotion GO consists of several cameras and a large screen. The patient is positioned in front of the device and plays therapeutic video games using only their body movements, which are automatically captured and tracked by the cameras. They do not need a console or joystick. The technology therefore requires the patient to actively engage in the exercises.

In what area is MindMotion GO used?    

MindMotion GO is used to help people who have neurological diseases (stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis) or orthopaedic conditions (prostheses). It works the upper limbs, lower limbs, hands and torso.

What are the benefits of MindMotion GO?

MindMotion GO offers fully customisable rehabilitation activity programmes that require the patient to actively engage in the training. The interactive exercises and audio and visual feedback increase patient motivation. It is also simple and intuitive to position the patient and configure the exercises and patient profiles. 


Therapists configure and customise the activity programme depending on the goals of each patient. They then help the patient to get into the correct position in front of the screen. Patients can use MindMotion GO in a standing or sitting position; this therapy can therefore be offered to wheelchair users. Therapists can increase the difficulty level of exercises by adding challenges, such as weights or unstable ground. 
Patients who are sufficiently independent can also use MindMotion GO without the support of therapists. 

Medical follow-up

Therapists have access to a detailed dashboard where they monitor the progress of each patient as well as the quality and quantity of their movements. With each therapy session, they can increase the difficulty and length of exercises as well as target different areas of the body. 

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