Rosenklinik Rapperswil

Dipl. med. Thomas Meisel

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Hospital (2)

Uroclinic Rapperswil
Kniestrasse 29
CH-8640 Rapperswil


since 2008

Specialist in urology

2000 - 2001

Trainee doctor in the surgical department of KKH Sinsheim, trauma surgery/visceral surgery department


State examination Medical Faculty University of Heidelberg


Swiss Medical Association FMH

German Society for Urology DGU

Medical Association of the Canton of Zurich AGZ

Medical Association of the Canton of St. Gallen

Work Experience

since 2015

Uroclinic Rapperswil

since 2013

Uroclinic Wetzikon

2012 - 2015

Activity in the Uroviva network

2011 - 2015

Worked as a primary care physician and urologist at the santémed health centre in Hinwil

2008 - 2014

Freelance work as an honorary doctor, specialist at urological clinics in Germany (partly as a senior consultant deputy)
Sana Ohre Clinic Haldensleben
Head physician Priv.-Doz. Dr med. habil. F. Reiher
Greiz District Hospital Centre for Surgical Medicine - Urology Clinic
Head Physician Dr H. Geyer
Magdeburg Municipal Hospital
Head Physician Dr R. Hein
District Hospital District of Biberach/Riß
Head physician Prof. Dr med. J. Braun
Asklepius Paulinen Clinic Wiesbaden
Head Physician Dr med. v. Kellenbach
Schwarzwald-Baar Clinic Villingen-Schwenningen,
Head Physician Prof. Dr med. A. Lampel

2008 - 2011

Specialist in the Urology Clinic, Fürst Stirum Clinic, Bruchsal

2006 - 2011

Lecturer at the nursing school in Bruchsal and Bretten

2003 - 2011

Freelance work as a police doctor in the Rhine-Neckar district

2004 - 2008

Assistant doctor at the Urology Clinic, Fürst Stirum Clinic, Bruchsal

2002 - 2004

Research assistant at the Urology Clinic, University of Heidelberg

2001 - 2002

Assistant doctor in the surgical department of the KKH Sinsheim

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