Check-ups save lives, ERAS allows you to return to normal life faster



Less pain, faster recovery and a shorter hospital stay

Not that long ago, fairly complicated surgery such as a bowel resection implied, for example, the placement and maintenance of a stomach tube for several days, due to fear of postoperative ileus and the stitches not holding. Experience has shown that stitches are solid and that, on the contrary, a quick recovery may allow for quicker healing. The application of these principles, among others, with an early postoperative recuperation, has resulted in a significant reduction in the duration of hospital stays, without an increase in the rate of hospital readmission. “Removing catheters, good analgesia and very quick mobilization allows for a return to normal life, together with a quick recuperation. What’s important is listening to your body”, concludes Doctor Chevalley. The ERAS protocol was first developed for colon surgery, and was then adapted to rectal and pancreatic surgery, as well as to other surgical procedures and disciplines.

About the specialists

Prof. Dr méd. Jacques Proust

Medical Director of Nescens Preventive Medicine Center – Genolier –
Pioneer in the development of biology of aging and anti-aging medicine.

Dr méd. Jean-Pierre Chevalley

Board certified Surgery and Visceral Surgery

  • FMH member, Digestive surgery including laparoscopic
  • Oncological surgery
  • Endocrine surgery