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Our network of clinics and centres offer a multitude of news and events all around the year to various topics. Here you can find the most recent activities of the Swiss Medical Network. Stay connected!

Review: Lecture «Back pain: The role of surgical measures»

Welcome to Doctor Gilles Herren

Neurology symposium: photo gallery

Podcast: Osteoporose, die schleichende Knochenerkrankung

A look back at the Second Swiss Medical Network Multidisciplinary Cancer Day

Journée Oser tous les Métiers 2023 at Clinique de Genolier

Retour sur la Première journée du rachis du 9 novembre


La Consulenza Rete Uno - Dr. Paolo Broggini

VISITE - Medizin konkret: Beckenbodenschwäche bei Frauen

Settimanale Azione - Quando l’anziano diventa «paziente»

Le cliniche ticinesi di Swiss Medical Network Regione Ticino – Clinica Ars Medica di Gravesano e Clinica Sant’Anna di Sorengo - sono ora riconosciute quali centri di formazione.