Schmerzklinik Basel

Dr. med. Svetlana Lunde

Psychiatry and psychotherapy
Sports medicine SGSM
Acupuncture TCM


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Hospital (1)

Schmerzklinik Basel
Hirschgässlein 11-15
4010 Basel

Work Experience

since 2002

Work in own practice

2013 - 2018

Lecturer at Samuel Hahnemann School, Zurich

2015 - 2017

TCM doctor at TCM Ming Dao Basel


2006 - 2007

Postgraduate degree in Psychological and Mental Training in Sport (IAP Zurich), SASP membership

2004 - 2007

Training in TCM acupuncture

2003 - 2004

Training in sports medicine (SGSM)

1992 - 1996

Clinical part of the study programme at the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel:
First section of the medical examination (certificate dated 16 April 1993)
Second section of the medical examination (certificate dated 10 April 1995)
Third section of the medical examination (certificate dated 29 May 1996)

1990 - 1992

Pre-clinical part of the degree programme at Philipps University, Marburg
Graduation and preliminary medical examination (certificate dated 31 March 1992)

1989 - 1990

Start of medical studies at the Rheinisch Westfälisch Technical University, Aachen

1980 - 1989

Municipal science grammar school at Wirteltor, Düren
Graduation: Abitur examination (certificate dated 18 May 1989)

1976 - 1980

Catholic primary school, Merzenich

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