Swiss Medical Network

Swiss Medical Network is one of Switzerland’s two leading private clinic groups. Our clinics, which are located in all three of the country’s main language regions, all provide first-class hospital treatment, care and assistance to patients from Switzerland and abroad.


Our doctors

The clinics in Swiss Medical Network have 2540 doctors and offer a full range of services.

Eminently qualified specialists from every branch of medicine are available for our patients.

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Our specialities

At the cutting edge of technology, we meet the highest demands for reliability and quality by capitalizing on extensive professional skills in all areas. The well-being of patients is at the heart of our concerns.



Nescens Check-ups

Depending on your health background, lifestyle, gender and family history, your Nescens Check-Up advisor will introduce you to the Check-Up method most adapted to you.

Of course, specific services can always be personalized within each of these methods to best respond to your needs.

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Genolier Foundation

Throughout the world and even in Switzerland, some patients do not have access to treatments that could transform their lives. There are many reasons for this, but the Genolier Foundation wants to bring about change. Direct assistance to patients, support for research, contributions to humanitarian causes: our actions follow a single objective – to improve the quality of life of patients before, during and after their illness.

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Become an affiliated doctor

As an accredited physician, you enjoy many advantages: start-up package with financial support, marketing support, state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, training opportunities, and numerous fringe benefits.

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Information on the coronavirus (Covid-19)

Following the Federal Council's decision, the medical and surgical activities of the medical institutions and centres will resume on 27 April. This relaunch is accompanied by very strict control, screening and hygiene measures in order to offer patients maximum protection in a safe environment within the framework of the "Safe Clinic" concept developed by Swiss Medical Network. 
We invite you to consult the website of each clinic to find out the situation specific to each establishment.


AEVIS VICTORIA SA invests in services to people, healthcare, hospitality, life sciences and lifestyle. AEVIS′s main shareholdings are Swiss Medical Network SA, the second largest group of private hospitals in Switzerland, Victoria-Jungfrau Collection AG, a hotel group managing four luxury hotels in Switzerland, a hospitals and hospitality real estate division comprising 40 properties, Medgate, the leading telemedicine provider in Switzerland, and NESCENS SA, a brand dedicated to better aging. AEVIS is listed on the Swiss Reporting Standard of the SIX Swiss Exchange (AEVS.SW).

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